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Release Date
May 28, 2022

Eikonikos – Cardano NFT

A metaverse project that promises a new era of an open world, with memorable experiences for the end user.


Eikonikos is a planet similar to Earth, with its giant mountains and vast seas, its own fauna and flora. But more importantly it is home to an alien civilization. Alien species that depend on the energy of emotions to live. More specifically, emotions such as love, fury and ecstasy, found in large quantities on both Earth and Eikonikos.

However, the energy of the latter began to diminish. What happened? No one knows. But the aliens knew it was time to ask for help from the universe. And so they did. After years of trying, their messages were finally interpreted by us, humans. Did we help? Indeed we did and in exchange we got the knowledge to their advanced technology.”

As I always like to say, ‘people that can create stories, can also attract people’ and the above story is proof of why there’s such hype around the project. Basically, we will have an open world situated in the vast universe, which in turn opens the doors to infinite posibilities. And with an already established and intriguing concept, what remains to experience is the world itself.


First of all, before jumping into the team introduction, I would like to congratulate them on the marketing approach that they took. They basically introduced the project to the whole CNFT community by utilizing the single most important thing that any project can use, collaborating with pretty much the whole ecosystem. But in order for this step to be successful, they created the urgency among us, that we have to get a whitelist spot because it’s worth it.

Now, moving forward with the introduction, we have the core team, that consists of four members. To begin with, there’s Mohamed Vasif, the founder and CEO. Moving on, we have Chady Jreige, the CFO. Next, there’s Girish Nathaney, the CTO. And last but not least, Vineeth SV, the CMO.

Concerning the rest of the team, in terms of design, story etc. we actually have no idea anything about them. And I believe that they should be present at the team introduction on the website. Speaking of which, we may have a photo of the founding (core) members and if you do a little bit of research you will find a lot of information about them. But it would be really awesome if they were engaged in interviews, Twitter spaces or probably host their own AMA.

Discord & Twitter

In the previous section, I pointed at the very clever approach that the team took, where they basically created a need to be part of the Eikonikos community. So, need I say more? The community is huge and keeps growing at a rapid pace, the growth was achieved mostly organically and the engagement is unlike anything else. Honestly, it’s the first time that I have no concerns about the community.

If you want to follow Eikonikos social media you can check here:

Graphics / Artwork

We don’t have much of the graphics of the metaverse yet, but the concept art of some parts of the world are truly amazing. And if we take into account that the concept art is of the highest possible quality, just imagine what the world will be like.

But as we wait for the development of it, let me give you some information about the genesis NFTs of the project.

So, these NFTs will be called genesis passports and a certain number of them will exist in the Eikonikos world. The tiers are five in total (bronze, silver, gold, platinum and diamond) and each has a different perk bundle attached. Overall, what these passports will indicate is the status of each player. For instance, a villa NFT can only be minted by diamond passport holders and an apartment NFT by platinum passport holders (see pictures below).

You can see some examples of the Eikonikos world below:

and a teaser trailer in this tweet below:


As much as everything surrounding the project is very carefully thought of, I find the website to be a little bit annoying (at least for pc devices). Because it seems to be made specifically for touch screens and the user experience is not so great if a mouse is used (you actually cannot control the page scrolling). So, I believe while its in the beta phase the team could make some improvements. Other than that, it is really informative and has a very nice design.


The roadmap is also very informative and has a clear path till the end of 2023. In particular, it involves the development of certain parts of the metaverse, the drops of course and certain details like the whitepaper, token release etc. Finally, it is important to note that the team plans to host a live event in Dubai, in which they will introduce their litepaper.

Closing Thoughts

Eikonikos seems like a very professional project and every detail is carefully thought out by the team. Like for example, the name which traces its origin from the Greek language, meaning ‘virtual’. Also concerning the team, they are clearly very professional and their experience is wide. And that is why the project quickly rose to be one of the most popular in the CNFT ecosystem.

Eikonikos Planet
Established & Intriguing Concept
Clearly a Professional & Experienced Team
Huge & Extremely Engaging Community
Quality Concept Art (which indicates a very high quality metaverse)
Informative Website (but needs a user experience improvement for non touch screen devices) & Roadmap


This site was created to give you an idea of the existing projects and in no condition should you invest in it just by reading the reviews. In each review you can find all the links to the project and I strongly urge you to do your own research before moving forward.

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