The Ecological Metaverse

Release Date
May 15, 2022

EcoLands – Cardano Ecological Metaverse

A fund-raising project with a single purpose, to help our planet become a greener place.


EcoLands is a project that claims to be an ecological metaverse; A project with the main purpose of making our planet greener. How will they achieve that? Well, part of the funds that the team raises, will be distributed to organizations such as Eden Reforestation and Reef Life Foundation, in order to plant trees and to deploy synthetic coral reefs. Amazing if you ask me!

However, the term metaverse is a bit misleading to me. Let me explain. According to the team, the project is currently developing an interactive map, which will be used for informational purposes only – at least for the time being. On a long-term basis though, the team’s goal is to evolve it in a RPG-style browser game. Taking all this information into account, I believe that it is more suitable to promote as a gaming project, rather than a metaverse. It would basically help the project communicate its identity more clearly.

Furthermore, the team plans to make the project profitable as well for the holders, in addition to helping our planet. But here’s the catch, the only plots of land that will benefit its holders, are the special ones – the ones that have a wind turbine or a coral reef on them. Now, these lands will pay the holders on a constant basis a portion of the royalties from the secondary market.

To conclude, I would say that EcoLands is mainly a fund raising project for the betterment of our lives. And in addition to that we have the utility of profitability. What I respect here is that it is made clear to us that there are hopes to achieve a browser game in the future, without any promises. However, I strongly believe that the word ‘metaverse’ is something misleading.


This part is the one that disappointed me a little bit, because I wanted to understand who is behind the idea. As you understand the team remains anonymous, where in fact I would prefer it if they had at least some kind of introduction or how many members there are. Other than that, I respect the fact that they try to be as honest as possible with their promises. And also, they are very active and they tend to be transparent with their plans.

Discord & Twitter

Regarding the community, it can be considered as average in size, with low engagement levels. In my opinion, maybe some more active (organic) promotion could help boost the growth and even the engagement as well. Or maybe even more collaborations with CNFT projects and a more active presence in twitter spaces! But for me a team doxxing would definitely add some confidence to the community in general.

If you want to follow EcoLands social media you can check here:


The artwork of the land plots is of a very high quality and I honestly love all the little details added in them. The overall look is very suitable to a gaming project and I would very much love if it gets realized – why not even stand up to the metaverse idea.

You can see some examples of the artwork below:


The website is quite simple, yet very professional overall. It shows that the design level is on a high standard, which very few project have in general. While everything seems to be in place here, what I believe should exist as well, is a team introduction.


As for the roadmap, we only have the first phase of the project but without any timelines. Specifically, it includes the project’s land sale (20.05), the development of the interactive map (ongoing), the different quests to encourage secondary sale volumes and of course the token sale, on which we need more infomation.

For more details check the roadmap here.

Closing Thoughts

In general, EcoLands is a project that has an awesome idea, which also impacts the real world and that’s the main reason that I consider it to be a fund-raising project. Additionally, the land plots that will exist give them the opportunity to realize a future metaverse world, but without the need to promise something as such. Because as I have said, the team made it clear that this is not the case for the time being.

Ecological Concept (Fund-Raising for the time being)
The Team seems Honest
Awesome & Detailed Artwork
Professional Website
Anonymous Team
Growing Community but needs to be more Engaging
The Roadmap needs Timelines


This site was created to give you an idea of the existing projects and in no condition should you invest in it just by reading the reviews. In each review you can find all the links to the project and I strongly urge you to do your own research before moving forward.

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