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Degen Bunnies

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Degen Bunnies
Release Date
August 31, 2022

Degen Bunnies – Cardano NFT

A cartoonish project with the ambition to deliver high quality artwork and build an engaging community.


Let’s be honest for a second and admit that most of us know who Bugs Bunny is. You know, the famous insouciant rabbit that accompanied part of our childhood? Well, if you were a fan of him, you may need to have a look at Degen Bunnies. Degen Bunnies is an art-based PFP project with emphasis on high-quality art with anthropomorphic rabbits as its protagonists. Additionally, it focuses on the humoristic side of the characters and targets at strong community engagement. Finally, it is worth noting here that the concept is expected to expand (if so) according to the community’s choices.

Degen Bunnies is first and foremost a PfP project, which means that you should buy a Degen Bunny because you like the art & the community.

– Degen Bunnies Team


The team is a combination of two parts, that came together to form the project basically.

To begin with, we have the core team, which consists of six members – friends to be exact with a strong background in graphic design, software engineering, and marketing.

Specifically, Kira is the lead artist and Rahel her assistant artist. Also, we of course meet Will who is responsible for all the marketing and Dean the “strategic mastermind”.  Finally, Bob does the research in blockchain technology and CNFT space, and Simon is the web designer.

Furthermore, we got the team of moderators, who are responsible for all things community wise. There are four moderators at the time of writing, supporting the team: Reksir, Conor, Alex and Polo.

As we can see the team does not provide any social media, personal pages, names or pictures and wants to remain anonymous, at least for the time being. And even though transparency can used as a tool to boost trust, anonymity is not a problem in art-based projects. Yet, according to what I’ve seen so far and the work they have already delivered, the team seems quite professional.

Community (Discord & Twitter)

At the time of writing, Discord is available only to some lucky followers who had the chance to join before the public release. This means that it does not host many followers yet, but their Twitter account has already been their pinnacle of success. So, until the Discord becomes public, all the announcements take place on Twitter. However, since I have the chance of being the server, I can tell you that it is quite organized with channels both informative and entertaining. To conclude, I should also mention that the engagement is really good and there are many collaborations with other projects.

If you want to follow Degen Bunnies social media you can check here:


As I mention above, the main characters of the artwork are rabbits which remind me a lot the Bugs Bunny character. Cool isn’t it? Degen Bunnies seems to be a community of bunnies and the artwork represents their character and life. Also, the colors are vivid giving sometimes the sense of coloring pencils results. It is, therefore, a combination of classical cartoon style with a modern NFT touch. Of course, creativity and high quality are the team’s main strengths. Scroll down and you will have the opportunity to look at some samples.

You can see some examples of the artwork below:


A quick look at the website, one can understand what this project is all about. In particular, it is quite professional which clearly states the team’s artistic intensions. However, I should note here that since there is not much information to share, I would prefer it if the website was less complicated. Because with the current design there are sections, such as the roadmap, that are in fact “empty”.


The roadmap is absent at the moment and there is a reason for that. The project is community-driven, currently at its first steps, and the roadmap is going to be present if the community decides so. This means that the team does not want to overpromise and it is clear that they encourage us to invest only if we love the art. Also, with their emphasis on humor, the roadmap seems to be part of their surprises. In conclusion, the absence of a roadmap is not a drawback, but only part of their philosophy.

Check the roadmap page here.

Closing Thoughts

Degen Bunnies entered the CNFT space with humor and creativity. Their main goal is to create a strong community where members can chat, play games, and have fun in general. Their artwork, therefore is the key point to start building this community and continue supporting it. And since we are talking about an art-based project it is acceptable to have an anonymous, yet talented team.

An orange bunny in the beach drinking his carrot juice
Beautiful, Cartoonish Artwork
Community-Driven Project
Growing & Engaging Community
Professional & Talented Team
Anonymous Team (Not Necessarily a Negative)
Absent Roadmap (Part of the project - Not a Negative)
The Website could actually be less complicated (It is however professional)


This site was created to give you an idea of the existing projects and in no condition should you invest in it just by reading the reviews. In each review you can find all the links to the project and I strongly urge you to do your own research before moving forward.

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