Dead Rabbit Resurrection Society

The year was 2097

Dead Rabbit Resurrection Society
Release Date
March 29, 2022

Dead Rabbit Resurrection Society – Cardano NFT

A project that will give reward us with a series of enjoyable treasure hunts.


‘There is always someone that leads the way into greatness – for them it is Wilhelm Tesseract and his discovery of time jumping. They are the Dead Rabbits and their story begins with him. Dead Rabbits are a known of their scavenging traits. But soon enough Wilhelm’s ability spread throughout the clan and scavenging became a whole lot enjoyable.’

Dead Rabbits is a hand drawn project that depends on their ongoing lore. But what do I mean by that? Well, because the whole utility idea was created around the scavenging fact – the project will move to evolve into a more utility based one. Meaning that an integration with a metaverse is closer than you think. Which will lead to the main goal. And what is that? To organize a series of treasure hunts, never seen before in the Cardano blockchain.

Overall, Dead Rabbits is a project with an interesting lore that aims to gather a strong community and unite them in an integrated metaverse. And the best part? They will have fun entering a series of treasure hunts. So, there’s your utility as well. I would also like to note here that the treasure hunts will begin at the drop date.


The team members promote themselves as art-focused and community-driven and just by reading their plans we can understand it’s true. Seem like an interesting gang don’t they? Let’s meet them then.

First of all, we have Max Wayt and Alex Wilson, the two founders of the project, basically the artist and the concept creators respectively. And according to their bios in the website, they are experienced as well. Furthermore, there’s Eden Glover, an NFT enthusiast and the community manager. Last but not least, we have Racknar Teyssier, with an interesting role in the team – that of an assistant artist. Meaning that he is the artist behind the accessories of the rabbits. Cool ain’t it?

To be honest, I love the whole structure of the team and the transparency that they provide. Not only we can see an organized and experienced team but also a willingness to earn our trust.

Discord & Twitter

The community seems to be growing very slowly. Because as I can see, the Twitter account was created around October 2021. But what I like about this, is that the team made it clear that they want it to be organic, with no invitation contest of any sort. Truly amazing and I guess their claim to be community-driven can be justified. Besides, they want to create an exclusive community and that requires true supporting members. So, how is the engagement? Interestingly enough, it is amazing on both socials. There is true enthusiasm around the project, which in general is a very positive trait to have.

If you want to follow DRRS social media you can check here:


The depiction is in the name, that of a Rabbit part of a unique society. However, what makes these NFTs special is the attention to detail that both of the artists provide. Which brings us to one of the goals the team strives for to achieve ‘make iconic art that is synonymous to the CNFT ecosystem’. I can be biased here by saying that it is amazing, however you cannot deny that there is a lot of work put into each piece. Finally, the style that is used, is that strong lining and shading of comics, so maybe there is something of such kind in the works.

You can see some examples of the artwork below:


I can consider the website to be very informative, professional and carefully structured. Professional because of its design of course – that I can approve to be a website of a serious project. Next, informative because there is literally everything in there. And finally, carefully structured because yeah you may include all the necessary information in your website, but the information needs the right sequence.


Regarding the roadmap, we can see that there isn’t one of the usual kind. To be honest, it is more related to the drop date than any future plans that the team has. What is cool though is the honesty of the team, explaining that the goal will be finalized, once they sell out. So, is this another ‘no overpromise’ project?

For more details check here.

Closing Thoughts

Dead Rabbits is a project that has one transparent and in no rush team. They want to make sure that everything is perfect before launching any minting and they want to do it right. Also, their goals seem to align with their actions so far, which is of course something amazing. Now, the only thing that I would love to see is a true roadmap.

Interesting & Unique Concept
Transparent & Experienced Team
Organic & Engaging Community
Detailed & Amazing Artwork
Professional & Informative Website
Slow Community Growth
Mile Markers are not a Roadmap


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