Painting twisted into a meme of Dbag Mfers

Dbag Mfers

Derivatives on Cardano

Dbag Mfers
Release Date
April 27, 2022

Dbag Mfers – Cardano NFT

A derivatives project of stick figures inspired by a similar one in the Ethereum Network.


You know how in the cryptocurrency world there are the meme coins that are often created to mock something? To tell you the truth, Dbag Mfers is a project that makes me feel the exact same thing, but in the NFT world.

So, is it a meme project or can it be considered art? There is no answer to this question because art is subjective and the answer is different for each one of us. What is Dbag Mfers then? According to the team, it’s a community-centered derivatives collection that aims to bring the communities of the Ethereum and Cardano blockchains closer together. But how are they going to do this? Apparently, by having the same artwork as their counterpart Mfers on Ethereum.

Taking this all into consideration, I will categorize Dbag Mfers as art-based mainly. Finally, I would like to point here that the project bets a lot on the success of a similar project in another blockchain. And I am not sure if that’s a plan that we can trust longterm.


As far as the team is concerned, aside from the fact that they consist of two members, we literally have no other information about them. At least in my experience, they are not known in the Cardano community, which kind of messes with their credibility. However, taking into account that they want to offer art value, we can omit this. So, who are these members? Namely, we have Cardoshi and Neighborhood Ape, the two founders of the project.

Discord & Twitter

The community is average in size but the engagement is definitely amazing. I honestly do not know where all this excitement is coming from but I love seeing such positive vibes. Furthermore, I want to point the claim that the project is community-centered and ask how exactly if there are not so many activities in Discord?

If you want to follow Dbag Mfers social media you can check here:


As I mention above, the artwork is a derivative from the Ethereum project Mfers. And the depiction is that of stick figures presumably in front of a computer, with all sorts of traits. Admittedly, this kind of artwork can be linked to a childs drawing but nonetheless it’s an art piece. So, what remains is for you to decide whether you like it or not. Finally, I want to bring forth the argument that there is a deeper meaning to each piece and honestly admit that I do not see it.

You can see some examples of the artwork below:


The website of the project is no more than a minting page that has no other information, aside from the link to its social media. Honestly speaking, the whole design of it screams of a sloppy work. And its definitely not a suitable image for a project, even if it’s a meme project as well.


Moving on with the roadmap, I can tell you that there is none. And according to the team, it will be built in cooperation with the community. So, the real question here is how exactly will that work? Because I get the inclusion of the community but this shows me that there is no plan in mind for the continuation of the project.

Closing Thoughts

Dbag Mfers is a project that wants to decrease the gap between the Ethereum and Cardano communities and possibly bring them together. However, in my opinion the whole idea needs more planning and a better approach. Now, concerning the artwork, I have no problem with it being a derivative and bravo to the team for admitting it. Also, I will once more point that art is subjective and we shouldn’t judge other people’s choices.

Painting twisted into a meme of Dbag Mfers
Enthusiastic & Engaging Community
Questionable Concept
Anonymous Team (Not a negative as long as they remain art-based)
Derivative & Effortless Artwork
Effortless Website
No Roadmap


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