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Chains of War

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Chains of War
Release Date
August 03, 2022

Chains of War – Cardano NFT

A gaming project that will dare you to survive in the vast world of Tyrrha.


Chains of War is simply a fantasy-based game taking place in the world of Tyrrha. According to the lore, Tyrrha suffered from a series of planetary disasters leaving its four races scattered and weakened.

In order to survive, they have to share power, something truly difficult. But who are these races?

First and foremost, the wisest of them all “the Elvae of Calatria” , thanks to whom we have the peace and interpretation between Men and Orcs. And as it’s already clear, Men and Orcs are the next races in line. Orcs who formed the Urthnaki Confederation and Men of the Duxa Empire and the Hadaki, owners of the precious oxygen absorbent mineral – ‘Mira’. Interestingly, these two races had a mutual dependence on each other, from which peace flourished. But will they manage to cooperate and live in peace?

Chains of War has something fascinating and that is its story, which I can always appreciate. And making it a play-to-earn game? Oh boy! What this means is that players will have the chance to earn the $MIRA token which will be the fundamental medium of utilities. For instance, using it to purchase in-game weapons and level up your hero. You can also earn $MIRA as rewards by simply holding a hero.

Furthermore, it is necessary to mention that Chains of War is a survival game which means that you will need to survive in the world of Tyrrha on your own. Finally, keep in mind that each hero belongs to a class – e.g. spellcasters – characterized by different skills and equipment.

I don’t know about you, but this brings me lovely memories of the Lineage 2 and World of Warcraft games.


Four friends, one story and the passion to create, are the three characteristics of this team. When passion takes over, backgrounds do not matter it is really important for such an ambitious plan to be led to success by professionals.

To begin with, there’s the founder Dragomani – an entrepreneur with experience in project management. Also, there’s Ziya – a professional in design and marketing industries with more than 15 years of experience. Next we meet Mistral who is involved in the gaming industry and video editing for over 12 years. And finally, the creative writer, Dirtbiter, a historian and fervent reader of sci-fi and fantasy stories.Of course, the team has recruited some experts in 2D and 3D art design, one for legal and licensing issues and some moderators to help them build their dream project.

In conclusion, I would say that their goals and the results so far already talk about a hard-working and professional team.

Watch an interview with Dragomani in the video below:

Discord & Twitter

This project has already achieved the impossible – to attract a huge community. And even though Twitter is quite informative about major announcements, their Discord server is where the community can interact, ask help from the team, have fun and discuss details about the project’s development.

If you want to follow Chains of War social media you can check here:


The artwork currently consists of the first Chains of War heroes’ generation – the genesis collection which comes with multiple benefits. In particular, they are 3D portraits depicting Orcs, Humans, and Elvae. Along with distinct species features, they also carry weapons, wear masks, armors, or other accessories matching their class and their capabilities. Some traits are amazing, and the results are of a fitting gaming quality. Although I believe that in some cases the skin surface of the characters’ body could be as great as the head.

You can see some examples of the artwork below:


The website looks professional and user friendly showcasing the most important part of the project in existence – the artwork. Also, the menu is simple containing only the most necessary information. This means that the website works as a marketing medium to catch our attention (not bad). Lastly, I have to note that in case you need more information about the lore or the project in general, you can always check the whitepaper.


A fantasy game project is of course very demanding which includes both theoretical and technical challenges. In this case, as we can see, the plans contain the creation of stories and maps, the design of the art collections and the development of the game. In other words, it is a complete business plan with a game product and its promotion into the CNFT space.

Closing Thoughts

Every year the gaming industry generates billions in revenue reflecting the massive interest of people around the world. For this reason, it is a very competitive and continually growing field which already has begun to grow inside the blockchains using the benefits of decentralization.

Chains of War is a survival gaming CNFT project backed by a fascinating lore inspired by other masterpieces, such as the Lord of the Rings. It is being created by a hard-working team and a supporting community.

Orcs, Humans & other Tribes
Intriguing Concept
Gaming Ready Artwork
Huge & Supportive Community
Professional & Experienced Team
Professional Website & Thought out Roadmap


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