A space station in the middle of nowhere


A story driven 3D animated NFT adventure

Release Date
November 23, 2021

BlockOwls – Cardano NFT

An art-based project with the ambition to eventually turn into something more.


The story begins on the Planet Adadadda, home of the blockowls, which is attacked by the evil Jabi-Zs from planet X20. Rumor has it that the blockowls are on the brink of inventing a powerful technology (the blockchain) that can bring the entire galaxy together. That of course is against the interests of the Jabi-Zs. In their pure hatred, they put together a huge Blockchain-Killer-Laser gun and take a shot at destroying the blockchain. While the attack is powerful, the complexity of the blockchain is so big that it did not affect it much.

There is one village though that got hit by the laser beam, the Huti village. As a result, the habitants turned into glitchy mutants of which some, are pushed into the sky. For the ones in the village, it is just a phase that they did pass. But what about the ones lost into space? Some of them are located and a rescue mission is put up to bring them all back. The rescue ships C#1, Plutus and Hydra were to bring those glitchy blockowls back and rescue their homeplanet from another possible attack of the evil Jabi-Zs.

To sum up, the story is obviously the constant attack on which the Cardano Blockchain and its supporters are going through. But with a clever and beautiful concept behind it.


The team as we know consists of only one member at the moment and that is Kent. Kent is a creative director with over 15 years of experience as a Motion Designer. Also, he runs a successful animation studio РAm̦be Studio, that worked on projects for some of the largest brands in the world.

The amount of honesty that we receive from the creator here is truly amazing. In his own words “I hope BlockOwls attracts other creatives, project owners and blockchain (Cardano) nerds so that we, together, can make this even bigger”. I love the fact that he is willing to expand not only his idea but his project as well, from being just an art-based to provide more value to the community.

Furthermore, Kent is showing great transparency with his plans and tries to answer every question in a friendly and kind way. Finally, it would be much appreciated if Kent could introduce himself to the community.

Discord & Twitter

The community is growing at a fast rate and rightly so, as the amount of work put by Kent is exceptional. The growth that it has seen the past few days is jaw-dropping. And more importantly the engagement it receives in Twitter for such a new project unbelievable. The Discord server has seen its growth as well but lacks a team of moderators who I believe are necessary. Firstly to cover all the different time zones as the project gets bigger. And secondly, to help navigate the community with their questions and keep a constant activity in the server.

If you want to follow BlockOwls social media you can check here:


The artwork depicts 3D animated blockowls in a box. And as explained by the story this will help them gain control of their powers and make them more powerful. A highly professional work that not only gives us an amazing storyline but urges us to collect those glitching owls. Lastly, this collection will contain 52 different owls with a pretty standard rarity system (Common, Rare etc.).

You can see some examples of the artwork below:


The website is quite professional as well and a place to find everything you are looking for. Do you have any questions? FAQ is there for you. Do you want to check the artwork? A simple exploration here will do. Everything but an introduction with Kent, the mind behind the project.


The roadmap is quite informative and what’s exciting is that it is separated into chapters. In the first chapter we will explore the rescue mission of the glitching BlockOwls and each rescue ship will be a separate drop. Later on, we will move further into the story and explore it in three additional chapters that will continue till 2023. Pretty neat isn’t it?

For more details check the roadmap here.

Closing Thoughts

The project has a creator that seems pretty credible and transparent so far, with the absent exposure being a minor drawback. Even if the whole project defaults, the investors will be left with a high quality artwork. In conclusion, everything in this project is professional, be that the website or the artwork, even the presentation of the roadmap.

A space station in the middle of nowhere
Amazing Concept
Fast growing Community
Professional Website
Exciting Roadmap
Kent could introduce himself
Discord could use some moderators


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