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Blitz TCG

Trading Card Game

@HenryTG6 & @KKPoliti
Blitz TCG
Release Date
May 31, 2022

Blitz TCG – Ergo NFT

An innovative TCG game adapted to the blockchain era!


If you were teenager around 90’s or early 00’s you have probably played some famous Trading Card Games (TCGs), such as Yu-Gi-Oh! or Magic: The Gathering. And if you find yourself smiling recalling those days, then you can understand why Blitz TCG is here!

So, the team behind the project aims to create a modern TCG gameplay, entertaining and engaging at the same time. It will also combine interesting elements of other popular games, like DOTA or Gods Unchained.

However, it is expected to be more innovative at some key aspects. For example, instead of drawing cards randomly throughout a match, players will have access to the entire deck from the beginning, and they will be able to purchase cards which may prove useful later in the game. This, of course, means that they will own those cards.


As it is stated in the whitepaper, the team is small but talented. Interestingly enough, we are provided with a very detailed team introduction. And we can also access their profiles in LinkedIn, Fiverr or other social platforms in order to about their background. To me, this means only one thing – that the team tries to be transparent and trustworthy.

In particular, we meet Mick Blackwell the Project Lead and primary Game Designer with a background in engineering and mathematics, experienced in IT, and passionate about gaming. Furthermore, we have Maxim Khodyriev , the Concept Artist and UI Designer with much experience in the game development industry.

Also, there’s Feliciah Delrie, who is the Character Designer and Illustrator, Clarence Yapp, who is the composer adding value to the project with his music, and Muhammed Arslan, the Frontend Developer specialized in the Unity Game Engine.

Finally, we have the Website Developer (Yassine Ennaim), and three Card Artists (Nilson Vilela, Jeferson Sadzinski, and Benj Galutan). Now, aside from the whole transparency the team presents, it is amazing to see how organized, experienced and professional each of the members are.

Check a music piece by the composer Clarence Yapp below:

Discord & Twitter

Concerning the social media, I can notice a similar situation with the website (see below). They exist to provide some information, but are not yet used as a means to grow their community. My guess is that this happens due to game development priorities. But I strongly suggest them to start developing it as soon as possible. In the end, the community defines the success of a project. Consequently, in my opinion, the team should at least organize their Discord server, offering both informative and fun channels. 

If you want to follow Blitz TCG social media you can check here:

Game / Graphics / Artwork

About the game, we will have a battlefield that will appear as a gameboard divided into two parts. At the base of it, we will have the General who levels up and acquires new abilities by defeating his enemies. Likewise, there is the shop where a player can purchase the cards he desires. Moreover, there will be a Timebank – a trait common in chess – which pushes players to make faster moves. Finally, in the middle, there will be a Health Wall with a frontline and backline of cards. Each player can earn Gold and XP by attacking NPCs and defeating enemies.

Now, considering the artistic aspect of the game, we can say that each card will be a piece of art! Even though we have only some examples, like Margo (General), we can definitely understand that the artists will put extra attention to deliver high-quality results. For instance, the characters are depicted in various positions, which mainly are powerful and attacking moves. Also, the details of the light and shading is very interesting, as it emphasizes on the textiles, the metallic glow of weapons, or it creates contrast between the character and the background.

Some examples of the artwork can be seen below:


The website seems to be still under construction since it only contains a simple homepage (with a link to their whitepaper) and a roadmap section. Again, I am guessing that for the moment the team focuses more on the game development and after that they will boost any marketing tool. When this happens, I believe that it should reflect the game’s personality and quality. This way, the website itself will play an important role in the marketing.


The roadmap is simple, brief and organized in four phases covering all of 2022. We are currently right before the second phase where pre-Alpha phase takes place. However, the next two phases are the most interesting since they contain the playtesting and blockchain development, and the Alpha release. And I guess that as the project moves closer to the release, the team will provide more goals and details.

For more details check the roadmap here.

Closing Thoughts

Overall, Blitz TCG is a very promising project with the goal of bringing TCGs into the blockchain technology and Ergo. The team is transparent and their goals for this year clear and pertinent. Also, the few sneak peaks we currently have, allow us to understand that artists are ready to offer high-quality results, emphasizing even to the smallest details. However, the website and socials are a bit neglected, and this is something that needs to change as soon as possible.

Elf Woman holding a Bird
Trading Card Game Concept
Top-Notch Artwork & Interesting Game Mechanics
Extremely Transparent Team
Clear Roadmap
Website & Social Media are neglected
Small & Inactive Community


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