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@HenryTG6 & @KKPoliti
Release Date
April 09, 2022

Apiens – Ethereum NFT

A project that wants to connect the fashion industry with the blockchain technology.


Considering the traditional apparel market, the team realized that both mass and luxury markets earn billions annually. And that’s due to the high demand for clothes, shoes and accessories. As a result, they decided to create Apiens, a project that aims to connect high fashion industry and blockchain. But how will they do it? Well, the plan contains three products: Cloth3 or BIC, Edu3, and Help3.

Specifically, Cloth3 refers to the NFTs that the team will create depicting Apes dressed in luxury clothes. Also, Edu3 is an educational platform that the team has promised to launch, free to everyone. And lastly, Help3 refers to the funds that the team plans to give for charities.

It is important to note here that, Apiens is not the first NFT project with the ambition to connect the fashion industry with the blockchain technology. Projects like Soho Kids and Meta Icon are on a similar path. So, it remains to be seen how they are going to deal with the competition. And of course what exactly separates them from similar projects.


The core team consists of three members: D. Paul, Meta God, and Johnson, a group experienced enough in business and financial analysis and digital marketing. Additionally, Johnson is the lead artist of the project. Unfortunately for us, even though we do have their Twitter accounts, we don’t know their identities or whether this experience is totally true. However, their work already speaks for itself. Because, the artwork is professional and a single look at the whitepaper will persuade you of their professional nature. Finally, the rest of the team consists of sixteen moderators from around the world, of whom we have no identities either. But considering the number, we should be able to understand the support is 24/7.

Discord & Twitter

Both their social media host a huge community and many members seem to be active. For Discord I can say that it is a very interesting one. As it contains many channels for chatting, playing, and other activities that help member engagement. Also for Twitter, we can see the engagement level very high as well, which definitely helps in the long run.

If you want to follow Apiens social media you can check here:


Apiens is a collection of 3D Apes dressed in high fashion clothes and accessories, representing the luxurious side of the industry and its evolution. Also, the depiction is so great in quality that we can understand my initial claim of a professional work.

You can see some examples of the artwork below:


The website is professionally designed with a minimal black and white style. Also, it is well-organized and contains all the necessary information. If there is one detail to update, in my opinion, that is the team introduction. At least, the core team can add a photo of each member and their real names. Of course, this is not essential for art-based projects, but I guess we are on the utility side here.


The roadmap is not that informative and is divided in four phases. The first one describes the collection launch, the community development and some attention drawing activities. Now the second and third phases focus on the utility side. And lastly, the fourth phase is the one that has the finishing touches of the project. As a result, the only thing that we can understand from it, is the big ambitions that come with it. So, here enters the whitepaper, where it lays their future plans in more details.

Closing Thoughts

The fashion industry is thriving and that is the reason why people are now trying to bring it to the blockchain as well. And Apiens is a promising project with a high level of organization to succeed. Even though we do not know their real identities, the team members seem professional and know what they are doing. Finally, the team seems to pay attention to every single detail surrounding the project, which is highly appreciated by their community.

The Apiens
Promising Concept (But not very original)
Professional Team
High Quality Artwork
Huge & Active Community
Anonymous Team


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