Catch, Tame and Battle

Release Date
March 04, 2022

Adamon – Cardano NFT

A project that will bring an improved version of our beloved Pokemon games into the Cardano Blockchain.


Are you guys aware of Pokemon? What am I thinking, of course you are, I mean who isn’t right? These creatures that started a new era of collectibles and changed the whole RPG gaming. Personally, I enjoyed every minute of playing the Pokemon games, however I always had this feeling that a valuable piece was missing. And that was the realization that I didn’t really own any of the caught creatures.

Adamon is a multiplayer creature combat, taming, and trading RPG game on the Cardano Blockchain that will offer this feature to the players. Aside from that, the project will offer of course its own lore through an illustrated manga, to give meaning to the game. And lastly, the whole concept will include a TCG mechanism, meaning card collectibles that can be used in a card mini game.

Now, I know that the concept seems exciting and do not get me wrong it actually is. However, it is not very unique and its longevity will be decided on a number of factors against similar projects. That includes, a great user experience, a wonderful story, a hard working team, amazing graphics and more importantly that one feature that will make it stand out from the competition.


Concerning the members of the team, there is a proper and transparent introduction it the project’s website.

Specifically, we have Spxc (Shane), who is the mind behind the project and a passionate gamer. Next we have Petar Pehchevski, who is the Artist of the these wonderful designs. And a passionate individual that through gaming started creating his own 3D characters and worlds. Last but not least, there’s Jason Hollister, the Web Developer. So, what I like about this team is their passion for gaming is what unites them.

Furthermore, in the official Adamon Youtube channel we actually meet Spxc, discussing about his background. And even though there’s only one podcast, we can derive quite a lot from it. For instance his passion for gaming and the NFT space.

Finally, taking into account that the project is one of the oldest in the CNFT world and continues to develop to this day, this gives me confidence in the intentions of the team. What I would like to see though is maybe a podcast series to introduce each member separately.

Discord & Twitter

As I have said above this project is one of the oldest and as far as I can see it launched its Twitter sometime in June 2021. Now, although it exists for quite sometime, it hasn’t received the attention it deserves. And therefore has an average size community, but a truly active one in both socials. What I believe the project lacks is an effective promotion and if that improves then the word will spread, resulting in growth. Because lets face it, the nature of the project requires a big community to succeed.

If you want to follow Adamon’s social media you can check here:

Artwork / Graphics

The artwork needs to be broken into three parts that contain the Manga, the Trading Cards and of course the Game.

To begin with, the manga is in development and the first chapter will be out in the second half of 2022. Now, in Discord we have a small sample of the upcoming manga. However, I believe the quality will be much better since the promise is to deliver a professionally illustrated book. The only thing we can do for now is wait for the launch.

Furthermore, we have the Trading Cards that were actually the first NFTs that the project provided. So, taking into account the Founder’s Collection and the samples that we have in the website, I am happy to see a very high level of professionalism by the artist.

Finally, there’s the game. Even though we have no teaser yet, the genesis Adamon give us a pretty good idea of the future graphics. I have to admit here that they look stunningly wonderful and there was definitely a lot of effort involved.

You can see some examples of the artwork below:


The website is very professional and suitable to the genre of the project; The attention to detail can be seen pretty much everywhere and I believe that there is enough information to understand it. Just a look at it will convince you.


The roadmap is straightforward, informative and has an awesome presentation. In particular, I love the fact that it is interactive, meaning that if you want additional information you can just click on a headline. Also, the steps that are taken are careful, which kind of shows me that the team is aware that a quality game needs a lot of time to develop.

For more details check the roadmap here.

Closing Thoughts

Adamon does not have a unique concept but it definitely has an exciting one that has the potential to become a big name in the gaming industry. More so, it consists of a passionate and thus far a hard working team that can support my claim. Furthermore, every single detail, ranging from the website to their Discord are done in a professional manner. Which is the whole point of a Play-to-Earn game anyway. Finally, if they somehow address the problem of promotion, I believe that the community growth will follow.

Exciting Concept (However not Unique)
Transparent & Hard Working Team
Professional Artwork & Graphics
Professional & Informative Website & Roadmap
Small but Active Community
Lacks Effective Promotion


This site was created to give you an idea of the existing projects and in no condition should you invest in it just by reading the reviews. In each review you can find all the links to the project and I strongly urge you to do your own research before moving forward.

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