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The underground war rages on!

ADA Ninjaz
Release Date
May 15, 2022

ADA Ninjaz – Cardano NFT

A multimedia company that with the help of the blockchain technology (NFTs) will integrate the community directly into the overall development; A project that has a team of visionaires that want to offer something interesting to the world of the Ninja fans.


ADA Ninjaz is one of the oldest CNFT projects on the Cardano blockchain. A project that proved its legitimacy through its long-term mindset and constant development through red and green market conditions alike.

But what is ADA Ninjaz at its core? What is the real identity of the project?

Well, for all of you that followed the project from the beginning, you know that the main objective was to be recognized as a manga project. And I believe that this will always be the case. However, the project underwent a rebranding and got into the entertainment industry in general. A change that we only recently got to experience with the introduction of the NFT music passes.

Now before we move further, let me provide you with a small summary of the ADA Ninjaz lore.

“In the lands of Ninava, a nation once united, a great war between the three dominant clans is raging on. No-one knows the origins of this dispute and as human nature has it, many stories lurk among the Ninavians. Some stories give blame to the Atsuko clan, the outlaws of Ninava.

Other stories blame the Aramar clan, the self proclaimed “Guardians” of Ninava, to establish their power. But some others blame the Daisuke, the saviours of the land, to protest against the corrupt government. Who exactly knows what the future holds? Will this war cause the nation to divide? In essence only time can really tell!”

Be honest with me and tell me that what you’ve read is not intriguing! I mean clan wars, different ideologies and ninjas? Count me in. And the best part? The rebranding will have no negative effect on the manga but in fact will be interconnected to it.


The team consists of three parts, the Core Team, the Partners & Staff and the Community Managers all playing their part. Equally important the fact that we have a team construction similar to big cryptocurrency projects (with their partners, supporters etc.) which tells me one thing. That this team is serious about their plans.

To begin with, we have the Core Team, the ones actually to bring the whole idea together. It consists of Tommy Bui and Zushan Hashmi the Founders. And Ignacio J. Durruty the Chief Creative officer. All three of them have shown their transparency and are not afraid to dox themselves in front of the CNFT community. Likewise, they are all really friendly and active as well.

Next, we have the Partners & Staff, the creative ones (Artists, Developers etc.). It consists of 16 members and they are: Patrick Tobler (from NFT-Maker PRO), Tobias Steffen, Kristian Portz and Lathaam Berkhout, the developers. Also, Riccardo Lovatto and Jacopo Mazza the music producers. Likewise, Gianluca Pizzorno as the music PR. Moreover, Kyle Bowman and Ej Boac, consultation and operations respectively, as well as Dominik Kutarnia, the Twitter manager. Further, Matt Grass, Allen Vale and Nadya Wibowo the writers. And last but not least, V. Sketched, Ardee and ArtforRamen the artists.

Finally, we have the Community Managers, the team in the social fronts. It consists of 10 members and they are: Michael Phillips, Mariel Bautista, Athalia Ward, Jon Barett, João Mendes, Anon, Antonio P., Nicholas Silva, Dagen Conner and Alexandra de Castro Samuel. Each one really friendly, helpful and quite active I would say.

Discord & Twitter

The community is in a constant growth ever since my last update on the project. Of course it is considered huge by CNFT standards and I can confidently add that they are supportive. Likewise, it goes without saying that they are extremely engaging pretty much everywhere. Finally, when I firstly entered the Discord server I noticed a really organized and amazing environment. And that is still the case.

If you want to follow ADA Ninjaz’s social media you can check here:


On the one hand, the artwork contains a usual PFP version of a NFT drop, with a randomly generated attributes to provide a unique ninja. And it is based off the popular Japanese Seinen (meaning youth) style. A style that mainly focuses on the adult male population. And on the other hand, we have the manga comics, which are astonishing. Now in my last update I said that the artists could have put more effort into their PFPs, compared to the quality of the manga. And honestly I am very happy to find out that there are so many improvements for the Atsuko and Daisuke pieces.

You can see some examples of the artwork below:


The website is certainly one of the best and most professional in all the CNFT space. It literally contains everything, meaning you can conduct a research just with it alone. Concerning its design, it matches the theme perfectly and its features show the amount of work for this result.


The roadmap is very informative, well structured and contains a one year development plan. Specifically, there are the three clan drops and each one will have its own manga origin series and soundtracks.

Concerning the music part of the project, the vision is to to create a self-sustaining music system that continues to onboard music-artists into the ecosystem. And the way to do that is via the Music Pass NFTs. Of course these passes will have their own holder benefits.

For additional information on the music passes please refer to the litepaper.

Closing Thoughts

ADA Ninjaz is a project that literally has it all. A professional and transparent team, a clear goal and most importantly, organization. I am also going to mention the amount of professionalism displayed throughout Discord, Twitter and their website. Finally, it is worth mentioning that the PFP pieces are getting better and better with each drop.

Intriguing Multimedia Concept
Amazing Artwork w Holder Benefits
Professional & Transparent Team
Professional Website
Informative Roadmap & Litepaper
Supportive & Engaging Community


This site was created to give you an idea of the existing projects and in no condition should you invest in it just by reading the reviews. In each review you can find all the links to the project and I strongly urge you to do your own research before moving forward.

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